Travelling to Greece and Mytilene includes beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, architecture, art work and culture.

To round up a perfect day we suggest a relaxed dinner with the best traditional courses from the Greek kitchen in company of the sun setting in the Mediterranean.

Why not start the day with an early breakfast on the hill above Petra. Looking at the bay in bright daylight with all its clear blue colours from the sky reflected in the sea?

Follow up a prefect start and an even more perfect day with a drink while having a breath taking view of Petra Bay, the castle in Molivos and the Turkish coast as the sun sets beyond the horizon while we are preparing your memorable dinner.

The romantic tavern Achilles Well is located in the small village of Petri, 200 meters over sea level. The tavern is surrounded by chestnut trees and poplars. The sunset is one of the best holiday memories you can bring back home.

We serve local traditional Greek dishes made with local products and served with locally produced wines.

If you are looking for accommodation in the area we might be able to assist you.

Call us for more information:
+30 698 314 3763

How to get there:
By foot from Petra approx. 1 hour
By car or motorbike approx. 10 minutes
Taxi from Petra is about 5 Euro
Taxi from Molivos is about 8 Euro

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